Ginni Thomas Interviews Her Husband Justice Clarence Thomas For DCNF

Justice Clarence Thomas Screenshot / YouTube / Daily Caller News Foundation

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Sudden, coordinated interest in Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is no new phenomenon, according to The Heartland Institute.

A list of articles from the likes of NPRThe Washington PostThe New YorkerCNNABC NewsThe NationThe New York Times MagazineInsiderEsquire, the Los Angeles Times and more, all published between late January and late February, and boasting titles such as “Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?” epitomize the attack on the senior justice’s family, according to the Institute.

In January 2018, Mrs. Thomas interviewed her husband about his journey to the Supreme Court for the Daily Caller News Foundation. In light of the left’s renewed attack on the couple, consider the below conversation. (RELATED: With Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Awaiting, Left-Wing Pundits Immediately Commence Racial Attacks)

DCNF Interview

To begin the conversation, Mrs. Thomas asked her husband to describe some of his “lessons learned” in ascendance to the Supreme Court, citing his “wingspan” from “poverty in Georgia” to “left-wing radical” and more. “When you look at why you’re still here or how you managed to survive, it’s beyond me,” the justice said in response. “Certainly, it would be miracle after miracle after miracle,” he said of how he reached his current station.

Mrs. Thomas asked her husband about the role of humility in his life and job. “It focuses you,” the justice said, turning the conversation to the role of faith in his work. “Because it tells you not to focus on whether you’re praised or criticized.”

“What really matters is whether or not you do what you are called to do,” Justice Thomas said. “Faith … it gives content and meaning to the oath I took.”

“At the end of my oath … you say, ‘so help me, God.’ It’s an oath to God,” the justice said. “So, if you have a strong faith in God, then that oath gains in meaning and content. So, when you violate that, you’re not violating a contract or a mere promise, but an oath to God.”

“I go to Mass before I go to work, and the reason for that is not just habit,” he said. “It … starts you in a way of doing this job, a secular job, the right way for the right reasons.”

Mrs. Thomas asked what blessings come to her husband’s mind, reflecting on a life of nearly 70 years as of the time of the conversation. “Certainly, being born in this country,” the justice replied first. “I just don’t see it happening any place else,” he said, recalling that his wife added the phrase “only in America” to his acceptance speech following nomination to the Supreme Court by former President George H. W. Bush.

Additionally, Justice Thomas named his inheritance of faith, people he met and experiences, especially literacy, among the blessings he considered upon being prompted.