Fr. FLA Gov. Jeb Bush Blasts Trump

Jeb writes a Washington Post Op-Ed on Trump and the future of the GOP

WASHINGTON – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said in a Washington Post op-ed that Donald Trump does not represent the future of the GOP or what it stands for. Bush who battled Trump for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination is not shy about his dislike of his party’s standard – barer.

As we know the entire Bush family including his father George H.W. Bush, brother George W. Bush and Jeb will not be attending this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Plus, Bush has gone on record many times saying that he and his family would not be voting for Trump in the fall.

Bush served as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007 and a 2016 Republican candidate for president.

Here here is an excerpt from the Bush OP-ED from the Washington Post.

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Call it a tipping point, a time of choosing or testing. Whatever you call it, it is clear that this election will have far-reaching consequences for both the Republican Party and our exceptional country.

While he has no doubt tapped into the anxiety so prevalent in the United States today, I do not believe Donald Trump reflects the principles or inclusive legacy of the Republican Party. And I sincerely hope he doesn’t represent its future.

As much as I reject Donald Trump as our party leader, he did not create the political culture of the United States on his own.

Eight years of the divisive tactics of President Obama and his allies have undermined Americans’ faith in politics and government to accomplish anything constructive. The president has wielded his power — while often exceeding his authority — to punish his opponents, legislate from the White House and turn agency rulemaking into a weapon for liberal dogma.

In turn, a few in the Republican Party responded by trying to out-polarize the president, making us seem anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and anti-common-sense.

The result has been the vanishing of any semblance of compromise or bipartisanship in our nation’s capital. Simple problems don’t get solved. Speeches happen; the important stuff doesn’t. The failure of elected leaders to break the gridlock in Washington has led to an increasingly divided electorate, which in turn has led to a breakdown in our political system.

The rest of the Op-Ed can be read by clicking here Washington Post


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