Floridians Need Concealed Weapons Classes

Why it should be considered mandatory to attend such classes.

Let me begin by saying I believe everyone in the country should attend a concealed weapons class.  Whether you are a pro or anti gun advocate, every citizen should attend such a class, be it privately taught, in schools, or some other venue.  If you are unfamiliar with the class, let me clear up an important misconception, it is NOT about gun advocacy, it is about gun safety.  Although such classes vary from state to state, it is essentially used to teach the fundamentals of how a gun is used, how it should be stored and maintained, and all of the pertinent laws associated with it.

I took such a class a few years ago here in Florida and was very much impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the instructor.  Again, this was less about the actual firing of the weapon as opposed to a description of the various types of weapons (e.g., rifle, shotgun, semiautomatic, single and double action revolvers, etc.), what their capabilities are, gun safety “do’s and do nots,” and what to do in an emergency.  For example, in my class, the instructor gave some pragmatic advice as to what to do if someone breaks into your home while you are there.  It wasn’t so much about shooting the suspect as opposed to contacting the authorities and protecting yourself.  Overall, I found the class to be equally useful for those who were already knowledgeable about guns as well as the uninitiated.


While some people see gun control as the answer to solving weapons accidents and assaults, I believe an educated populace would save more lives and result in fewer victims whether it is due to an accident or premeditated assault.  An informed public is less likely to become a victim and more likely to survive a shooting situation.  Anyone who has attended such a class would probably agree, education is the key.  Everyone from Middle School onward should be taught the lessons of gun safety.  Even children in Elementary grades should learn some of the basics.

Again, let me be clear, this is not about gun advocacy or how to hurt anyone, and it certainly is not intended to glamorize guns, which we will leave to Hollywood.  Instead, it is about safety and knowing what to do in dangerous situations.  It is about survival.

Keep the Faith!