TV Review: Blood series two will have you twisted in knots. The Acorn TV winner drops on Monday.

Sophie Petzal had an idea for an Irish based psychodrama and the young talented writer/producer came up with a solid script called Blood. Little did she know not only would it be a hit but that Channel 5 in England would make it their cornerstone drama and Acorn TV would make it a big hit on the streaming service in the United States,

Fans were so pleased with series one of Blood so much Acorn TV ordered a series two that drops on Acorn Monday. Much to the delight of the fans that they are counting down the days till Monday.

For those who haven’t seen Blood series one I won’t ruin it for you but start the binging now! The Acorn TV‘s original series Blood is a dark and twisted family crime drama and physiological thriller that will have you in its grip after the first ten minutes of series one and it shows. (For those of you who want to know what happened in the series one just click here.)

Petzal introduces us to the Hogan family and in season one the story will screw with your head in a good way and have you guessing, second-guessing and finally just trusting the characters to just take you on the ride that you will love every minute.

For series two the top-notch cast returns led by the incomparable  BAFTA nominee Adrian Dunbar who we all know from his outstanding work on Line of Duty. He was amazing in series one and he returns as the wise Dr. Jim Hogan, the father of Cat, who is played by Carolina Main, and she was nothing short of brilliant in series one of Blood.

The dynamic between father and daughter in season one was magic. There is always drama in families but it is hard to top what went on with Jim and Cat in the first six-part series of Blood.

We will again see Grainne Keenan in the meaty role of Fiona Hogan, and Diarmuid Noyes who plays the wonderful part of Michael Hogan. He is torn between his two sisters.

All the actors have done a superb job, and it is this ensemble cast with Petzel’s writing that makes Blood a massive hit and a must binge show on your playlist.


Listen to “We are joined by Sophie Petzal and Adrian Dunbar from the hit Acorn TV series Blood – Series 2 drops Monday March 9th” on Spreaker.

So, what happens in season two of Blood?

Well without giving away too much here is what we can tell you.

It is a year later that Dr.  Jim Hogan comes home after the mysterious death of his wife. He is devastated to find out that his daughter Fiona has the same disease that killed her mother.

Fiona’s husband Paul is struggling with money issues and looking for some creative ways to make some cash. Things start to go sideways for the Hogan family yet again when Jim stumbles upon Paul’s rather shady plans on how to create that new cash he needs.

Oh, while that might be enough for most families to deal with, there is yet another plot twist. As Detective Dez Breen tells the Hogan’s that a body has been found in Fiona’s car.

So, it is game on for another great series two that will leave you wanting more. This is a five-star drama with such great writing and a superb cast.

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