Why Are The Democrats Fighting Trump So Viciously?

Are The Democrats Worried About Donald Trump?

If you think the Republicans are nervous about the upcoming election, the Democrats are petrified. In all likelihood, the GOP will retain both the House and the Senate, but the real prize will be the White House, and regardless what the news media claims, Donald Trump has a legitimate chance of winning the presidency.

What are the indicators of the Democrat’s fear? Several come to mind:

* First, a parade of women suddenly materialize claiming sexual misconduct by Mr. Trump. Instead of attacking him when these acts allegedly occurred, they waited until the last few weeks of the election to voice their concern. Coincidence? What better way to deflect criticism from the Wikileaks e-mails, describing Mrs. Clinton’s many indiscretions, than to create a diversion? The Democrats are counting these accusations of sexual misconduct will be more of an affront to voters than such things as “pay for play” reaping millions of dollars for the Clintons and compromising the integrity of the State Department.


* Unlike Trump television commercials describing his policies, Mrs. Clinton’s ads attack and demonize Trump’s character. In other words, keep the negative spotlight away from Hillary.

* Democrats have been caught on video plotting violence to combat the Trump campaign, then actually blaming him for causing it, which is a rather creative twist of logic.

* The Democrats are relying heavily on the news media to protect Mrs. Clinton from accusations and attacking Mr. Trump viciously. Consider this, whereas the reports of alleged sexual misconduct by him are on the front page of the news, Mrs. Clintons Wikileaks problems and the plots of violence by the Democrats are untouched by the main street media.

As of this writing, ABC’s latest presidential poll claims Mrs. Clinton leads Mr. Trump by a whopping twelve point lead. Should Trump win the election, this poll will become prima facie evidence of the corruption of the news media and prove his assertion that the system is rigged.

All of these indicators add up to one thing, the Democrats are really scared about the outcome of this election and are working overtime to sabotage it.

One thing is for sure, if they were legitimately winning this contest, they wouldn’t be fighting him so viciously.