David Jolly: Dems Are Lighting Their Hair on Fire over Schultz

On today’s show, David breaks down the news out of Tallahassee, Washington, and the financial markets.

Lead intelligence officials are in a disagreement about national security crisis.  Meanwhile, Trump insults his Intel lead and acknowledges they haven’t been using E-Verify.  Do you believe everything our intelligence officials tell us?

Dems are furious about Howard Schultz potentially making an Independent run for president because they are afraid it will take votes away from them in 2020.

David spoke with good friend and frequent guest of the show Phil Clark. Mr. Clark is the Director of Wealth Management of KROST CPAs and Consultants in Pasadena, CA. Firstly, Clark educates us on quantitative easing and why the economy is growing.  He also gives us his hot take on Howard Schultz.

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell holds ‘State of the League’ address and admits blown call in Rams-Saints but never considered overturning result.

All this and more on today’s edition of the podcast David Jolly: Unbiased and Unplugged.



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