Dan Maduri Talks Putnam, Trump On ABC7’s Week in Washington

(From ABC 7 Sarasota)

Florida Live host joins Sarasota panel show

Last week was a busy week, even by news standards. With President Trump’s controversial comments on trade around the G7, the buildup to the meeting that took place Tuesday morning between Trump and Kim Jong Un, and yet another round of commentary on NFL controversies. To sort out all the national news, Sarasota’s ABC7 invited Dan Maduri onto their panel show The Week In Washington.

Dan joined a panel hosted by Alan Cohn that also included Manatee Republican Party treasurer Ken Piper and Kevin Griffith of the Sarasota Democratic Party. Maduri provided a moderate voice to a panel with a couple of career members of their parties.

Russia took center stage early as the panel discussed their relationship with the G7, as well as President Trump’s sea change in US-Russia relations and what impact that might have on both America and the world at large.

Turning the focus to Florida in specific, Cohn asks the panel about revalations around gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. The state of Florida failed to conduct national background checks that could have stopped people from getting a permit for carrying a concealed weapon for over a year during Putnam’s tenure as Florida’s Agriculture and Consumer Services commissioner.

Citing that the citrus industry is down 80% in Putnam’s time as Agriculture Commierioner, Dan is not impressed by Putnam’s candidacy so far. “We’re going to have to take the orange off our license plates. I don’t know what we’re going to put on there. Maybe a gun.”

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