Dan Maduri On 7 News At 7: “I Think The Media Is The Target Right Now”

Maduri discusses Political Divide with ABC7 roundtable

Dan Maduri, host of Florida Live on AM 820 News Tampa Bay and 98.3 FM Pinellas County appeared on Wednesday night’s ABC7 News At 7 broadcast as part of a roundtable discussion to discuss America’s growing political divide.

Along with Nick Altier of the Sarasota Republican Party and former chair of the Sarasota Democratic Party Rita Ferrandino, Dan spoke with panel host Alan Cohn about the growing political divide in America.  The break between the left and the right has been coming for years, but what is the cause of this polarization?  Dan suggests that a fair amount of this could be generational.  Maduri said on Wednesday that “we’ve transformed ourselves in society, that we’re no longer Americans first.  We’re individuals first.”

Because Dan attended President Trump’s rally in Tampa earlier this summer, he was able to comment firsthand on the treatment that those in the media received during the event.  The vitriol from supporters of the president toward members of the press was palpable.  Cohn, like many Americans, worries about where the deepening divide is headed and asks the panel their thoughts on what they see in today’s political climate.

Talk inevitably turns to social media, where some of the harshest language can be found in political discussions.  “What I think it comes down to is that we’ve lost our ability to be decent,” citing a general apathy toward manners in the current day and the slippery slope it might create.

Sarasota’s ABC7 (WWSB) has built a longstanding reputation as a critical news source in the Tampa Bay area.  The channel bills itself as “the most watched local TV station on the Suncoast,” and broadcasts to Sarasota and Manatee Counties, an area which includes over 400,000 households.

Dan Maduri can be heard on your conversation station, AM 820 News weekday afternoons from 3 to 6, as well as alongside former Tampa mayor Dick Greco Mondays at noon on The News Hour. AM 820 News is also available in Pinellas County at 98.3 FM.