Dan Maduri: Do you step into an altercation knowing Florida is the “gun shine” state?

On today’s Friday edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri talks Jeff Bezos, the Catholic Church and Vatican, Florida schools and more.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has reportedly been blackmailed with nude photos he sent to his mistress.  Bezos thinks the White House has something to do with it.  Do you think there is something there?  A Washington Post reporter claims that investigators working for Bezos believe “a government entity” may have obtained his text messages and passed them on to the National Enquirer.

The Vatican tries to clarify Pope Francis’ comments on nuns being sexually abused, in some instances some needing abortions.  What has come of the catholic church as a whole?  How do you stop the systematic abuse by clergy members within the church?

Nancy Oakley, a Florida City Commissioner has resigned after being accused of licking two people and groping another.  What would your response be if someone came up to you in the workplace and just licked your face?

All this and more on today’s edition of Florida Live.

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