Both Democrats And Republicans Can Expect A Long Night Before Knowing Who Wins

The vote in Florida is going to be record-breaking with both Democrats and Republicans turning out in droves. But Independents will be the key in who wins the night.



There are a number of races nationwide where we will see if there is indeed a “Blue Wave,” the Democrats hope will propel them into control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The key number to remember is 23 that is the number of House seats they need to flip to take back control.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Republicans will hold on to control in the United States Senate and perhaps even gain a seat or two with Florida a key player in that bit of drama with Democrat Bill Nelson attempting to fight off a challenge from Republican Rick Scott.

Then, of course, there are 36 governor’s races going on with none more important than the epic battle between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis.

Gillum has been ahead in every poll since the start of this race and DeSantis has run a weak campaign. But the last two governor’s races won by Republican Rick Scott have been decided by a single point.

Gillum is the best Democratic candidate they have run in twenty years. The man who could be the first Black governor of the state will need an epic turn out to win. If he gets that turn out he could pull Sen. Bill Nelson to victory.

Over at GOP headquarters, they are hoping a big Scott turn out can pull DeSantis to a win over Gillum.

In a race, this close bad weather is forecast for the GOP voter rich panhandle, where they are still recovering from Hurricane Michael. There is expected to be all day showers from Pensacola to almost Jacksonville, while the rest of the state will be sunny and warm.

Here are the United States House seats in the Sunshine State that are contested.

Florida 26: Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo aims to defend Florida’s southernmost congressional seat against Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. The district also voted for Clinton. Along with the 27th District, it is considered a test of how well Democrats can mobilize Hispanic voters. 55 percent it goes in the Republican column.

Florida 15: The district on the eastern outskirts of Tampa is open due to GOP Rep. Dennis Ross’s retirement. Republican Ross Spano and Democrat Kristen Carlson vie for the seat. Like the 26th District this could go either way. Toss up depends on turn out.

Florida 6: The coastal district south of Jacksonville has no incumbent, due to DeSantis’s bid for governor. Republican Michael Waltz faces off with Democrat Nancy Soderberg. 70 percent it goes in the Republican column.

Florida 18: Republican Rep. Brian Mast aims to win re-election in the southeastern Florida seat about halfway between Orlando and Miami. He faces off against Democrat Lauren Baer, with this looking like 68 percent chance this goes into the Republican column.

Florida 16: Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan faces Democratic challenger David Shapiro to defend the seat south of Tampa. 70 percent chance it goes in the Republican column.

With so many people voting don’t expect an early count or result, This has the feel of an all-night affair and since it is Florida what about a recount?


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