At The Finish? Floridians Will Be Deciding Greyhound Racing’s Future

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Florida voters will decide next month whether to ban greyhound racing in the state by 2021.

Backers of the ban say greyhound racing frequently leaves dogs with gruesome injuries and even dead. State records show on average about two greyhounds die of injury or illness each week at Florida’s 11 tracks.

But Greyhound racing supporters say the state’s 8,000 racing greyhounds are treated better than most pets and happiest when competing. They say injured dogs get quality veterinary treatment and accuse racing opponents of exaggerating injuries to garner donations.

Amendment 13 will require 60 percent approval on Nov. 6 to pass, like all Florida constitutional amendments.

Outside Florida, greyhound tracks also remain in West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Iowa.