The Appeal of Trump’s Immigration Plan

It’s about living in a society of law and order.

By: Tim Bryce – Columnist News Talk Florida

To listen to liberals and the main street media, Trump’s immigration speech, which he delivered this past Wednesday in Arizona, was cold and heartless.  Further, his meeting with Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, was often characterized as “two-faced.”  Translation, they didn’t like it.  Then again, they weren’t going to like it no matter what.  If he changed his stance, he would have been accused of being wishy-washy, and by standing his ground, he would still be vilified.

Naturally, Trump’s supporters viewed Wednesday’s events differently.  First, he was commended for behaving diplomatically with Peña Nieto.  It was a good opportunity to meet the Mexican President and start to build a relationship.  Because Trump is not yet a government representative, there was little the two could negotiate on an official basis, but it was good to break the ice.

The Arizona speech was also well received.  His proposed ten point program made sense to the public.  Basically, Trump is saying we are a nation based on laws; without laws, we are nothing.  His ten points were all aimed at enforcing existing laws.  The alternative is lawlessness, which the public perceives as the current state of immigration.

Will the illegal aliens like it?  Of course not, but they have to understand there is a price for their indiscretion.  Critics will claim Trump lacks compassion and empathy.  Au contraire!  He has plenty of compassion for those who come to this country legally and play by our rules, and suspicious of the motives of those who slip through our borders to cheat our system.  For them, he has nothing but contempt.  Regardless, if an illegal came to this country years ago, worked hard, and stayed out of trouble, they are still sapping the benefits which should rightfully go to legal immigrants.  Otherwise, what’s the point of going through the naturalization process?

As the “melting pot” of the world, Trump and his supporters are well aware that our diversity is what makes us strong, not to mention competitive, inventive, and innovative.  No, it has nothing to do with racism, but rather the rule of law.

Trump’s detractors would claim since we haven’t effectively enforced our immigration laws for several years, why should we start now?  Just grant blanket amnesty and start over.  Then again, this is how we always end up treating such snafus and the American public has had enough.  As Rasmussen reports, only 31% of Americans believe America is heading in the right direction.  The rest are ready for a change.

Trump also sees the influx of illegal immigrants as detrimental to our core values and patriotism.  For example, today we are questioning support for the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, flag burnings are more common, and there is no respect for law enforcement.  What’s the alternative to a society based on laws?  Anarchy, and this doesn’t sit well with the silent majority.

When trump says “Americans First,” it is as patriotic as you can get, and a real turnoff to the left.

Keep the Faith!