Alexander Acosta the dean of the FIU Law school is the new nominee for Labor Secretary

President Donald Trump picked Alexander Acosta, a former Justice Department official and current dean of Florida International University College of Law, as his new pick for labor secretary. The announcement came today in a White House press conference with President Donald Trump.

Acosta, has a strong history on working with labor over the years and is a wise choice for the job of secretary. He also has experience in going through the process of being confirmed and he is likely to get support on a bi-partisan.

He becomes the first Hispanic person to join the Trump administration and has been confirmed by the Congress three times. He also served on the National Labor Relation board he is a strong candidate.

The announcement came after myriad scandals scuttled the confirmation of his prior nominee, fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder. Puzder withdrew his nomination on Wednesday after POLITICO published a video in which his former wife leveled abuse allegations against him while appearing on Oprah’s show in disguise in 1990. She later recanted the accusations.

Puzder also faced scrutiny for employing an undocumented worker and failing to pay taxes on her employment until after his nomination.

President Trump had an unexpected press conference on today and it was held in the East Room of the White House.

It was Trump’s first solo news conference since he took office last month. He has held joint press conferences with leaders from Britain, Japan, Canada and Israel.

President Trump did take questions from reporters in the White House Press Corps during the press conference. He has been criticized by some for taking questions only from conservative media during his previous joint press conferences.

Trump took some questions about General Michael Flynn and the concerns over his administration’s ties to Russia. Trump  continued to defend the general. President Trump, did some strong attacks on the media and “leakers.”

President Trump made it clear that he remains loyal to Gen. Flynn despite having to dismiss him earlier in the week.

Video from Fox News