Acorn TV’s Dead Still is a summer binge-worthy show and its star Michael Smiley is a big reason why.

Now that we can spend a little time outdoors we still need some quality streaming content to watch at the beach or lake. We can wear our masks, and be social distanced as we watch something that takes us away for a while from the day to day issues dominating the news 24/7/365.

So, we all are looking for a good escape show, that is something different.

Well the Acorn TV original Dead Still is an offbeat and very unique type of murder mystery series. In talking with the star of the show Michael Smiley we go into detail as to what sets Dead Still apart from your run of the mill murder mysteries.

How about a murder mystery that begins with Smiley who plays Brock Blennerhassett a post-mortem photographer in the 1880s Victorian Ireland. Yep, he takes family photos after a member of the clan has died.

It might seem a bit macabre but such was the case in Victorian Ireland. But the twist is that the people who he takes photos of all seem to have been murdered and he is commissioned by the police to help solve these cases.

Now do I have your attention?

Here are a few questions from our extensive interview on this week’s edition of Stream On.

Williams: What drew you to this role?

Smiley: I loved the character Brock Blennerhassett and his whole backstory. He is a very complex man and I even did research on the name Blennerhassett, which I found, came from a family in Northern Ireland.

Williams: One of the things that makes Dead Still compelling to me is its dark and in some ways gallows humor.

Smiley: Yes, but you must understand that is very much the Irish sense of humor. I mean one of the many ways over the years that they have been able to survive the tragedies they have faced is with that dry and often dark sense of humor.  


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Williams: You have a great ensemble cast on the show that really helps make the stories come to life.

Smiley: Yes, Eileen O’Higgins, who plays my niece Nancy Vickers, is a real force. She challenges me and is never shy about telling me what she thinks even if I didn’t ask her for his opinion. Then there is of course Kerr Logan who plays the role of my protégé Conall Molloy.

The relationship between Blennerhassett and Molloy is a great dynamic. He sees me as a mentor and that learning all he can about what I do as well as using his talents as an artist could be his ticket to a better life.

I give Dead Still a strong 4 stars because it is different and quirky but in a good way. I promise that Dead Still is bingeable show and well worth checking out on Acorn TV.

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