Tampa, Florida….Make an impact on the world at the “Be An Angel Day” with Global Eco Army, Global
Eco Navy, Global Eco Air Force and Global Eco Space Force. The event will Be Held On Monday August
22 nd from 6:00P to 10:00P at The Wyndham Grand on Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Many various brands and professionals that work at for profit and non-profit organizations will come together to stand for the
environment. The main goal is to make our Planet a more balanced place to live and work. Business
executives, engineers and CEO’s from great organizations who understand the importance of Planet care
before profits will bring forward the best solutions to the World’s biggest ecological problems faced

In one short year, Global Eco Army and Global Eco Navy provided an excellent service to our
Planet with over 1,000 Eco-Marines and Eco-Soldiers that joined this wonderful journey Worldwide on 4
Continents. Our Planet’s servicemen and women planted trees and conducted cleanups in Ukraine,
Burundi, Colombia, Mexico and USA. Global Eco Navy and Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay joined
forces on Earth Day this year to clean-up the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida.

Gathering in these types of activities enables the community to develop a sense of purpose to care for Mother Nature. It
also brings people together with a common vision to network and meet new friends and business
opportunities while giving back to the community. Important topics for the conference include learning
how to reduce carbon emissions, monitor employee engagement & happiness and simulate
temperatures, crops and the economy of the World.

The conference will also touch base on the importance of Musical Vibrations as a key important role for soul enlightenment and awakening of humanity. From Physics to Music, this conference promises to deliver.
Honorable guests include David Shepp, Lobbyst at The Southern Group; Tag Galvin, Technical Writer III
at Gulfstream Aerospace; Andrea Teodorescu with ConMed, Arjid Ghosh, Water Treatment
Researcher at Tampa Water Department Production Division at the City of Tampa and more. 

If you want to join 7 billion other people to make a collective impact in the World in one day,
this is the place to be. We master at turning our Planet around and reversing water, air, and
soil pollution Worldwide in the fastest and most effective way possible.

If you want to meet like-minded individuals and exchange eco-friendly business ideas or
hobbies, you will be at the right place.

If you have an eco-friendly business and would love to showcase your product or service to
the World, let us help you. It is our passion to be the matchmaker of eco-friendly companies
and eco-friendly customers.

If you are part of the Local, State or, Federal Government and would like to showcase

Environmentally Friendly practices taken by your City and State to help SAVE the
Environment by Land, Air, and Sea, we would love to have the honor and privilege to
showcase your initiatives to the World for others to follow your great example.

Global Eco Army is the most efficient and innovative system where all can exchange great eco-friendly
ideas, innovate the World we live in, and meet the most amazing people on the Planet. Help solve the
World’s greatest existential issues affecting all, by taking action individually and collectively. If you wish
to get involved in this beautiful charitable cause to help preserve Mother Nature on Earth Day in any
capacity as volunteer, sponsor or, donor feel free to visit globalecoarmy.org

TICKETS: $200 per Guest. Get your early bird tickets today! Only available via Global Eco Army website
on the event section at GlobalEcoArmy.Org. No day of event sales. For sponsorship options, or any
inquiries please contact alicia.v@globalecoarmy.com

The goal of Global Eco Army and Global Eco Air Force Goal is to plant 8 Billion Trees Worldwide. The goal
of Global Eco Navy Goal is to remove 10% of Plastic Pollution Worldwide. We must raise $30 Billion to
start this ambitious mission. Global Eco Army President and CEO Alicia Valdes states: “We are thrilled of
the prospect of Celebrating such an important day for our Nonprofit Organization on De An Angel Day.
We take pride in our work SAVING OUR PLANET Worldwide.”

Sponsors include: Catania Media Consultants, Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay, Genesis
Communication, UCP, Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Channel 8 News, ABC Action News, Tampa
Bay’s Morning Blend, Bloom, Bay News 9, Home Depot, Home Depot Rental, Lowe’s, iCustom, Target,
Glenn Mitchell State Farm, The Solar Shade, W05, Amazon, Sign Solutions, ECS Elemental Construction
Services, Green People, Solar Source, La Rosa Realty, Carja Construction, The Fresh Market, The
Guardian Accounting Group, Capital School, International Violinist Susana Szakacs, Sky Art, Pinzon Vision
Media, John Kantor Photography, Worry Free Marketing, Socially Funded, Raramuri Ventures, Poolside
Friendly Fun Fashion, Red Tree Landscape Systems, Alexa Model & Talent, Face Forward Actors &
Models, John Casablancas Modeling, Rejuv Salon & Barber,  Festivals of Speed, Hobbs Chiropractic, El
Puente, Clear Channel Outdoor, Supporting Water, WindJet, Fresh Life & Co, Tower Realty Partners, La

Pequena Colombia Restaurant, Achievers Business Academy, Lawyer Craig E. Rothburd PA, Attorney
Keith A. Warshofsky, P.A, Buddy Brew Coffee, Dr. Francisco Arevalo Office, Ocean Prime Restaurant,
Donatello Restaurant, Capital Grill Restaurant, Rick Gilbert and 100+ more.

For More Information, Contact:
Alicia Valdes
CEO – Global Eco Army