Scientology leader David Miscavige wants to invest more in Clearwater

The Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige wants to expand in Clearwater

Yesterday, Scientology leader David Miscavige made his pitch to the Clearwater business community about the future plans of the church. Church of Scientology’s wants to remake Cleveland Street to attract big name retailers while at the same time stimulating business to give the area a total revitalizing.

Miscavige, was out to impress his privately invited audience that included church members, local business leaders and groups that own land in the area that could be part of the ambitious development.

On hand to help sell Miscavige’s plan was celebrities John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and pianist Chick Corea. They of course are members of the Church of Scientology and strong supporters of seeing the investment in Clearwater as a very good use of funds.

According to a report in Tampa Bay Times, the fate of this proposal hinges on the church’s ability to buy a 1.4-acre vacant property the city is poised to purchase next week.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which owns the lot, rejected the church’s $15 million offer earlier this month. The offer was over three times the $4.25 million offered by the City of Clearwater.

While this would be great for Clearwater and Pinellas County it is far from a done deal. There is still land that must be bought, bids that must be solicited and investments that must be made by the church.

According to The Daily Mail, the Church of Scientology wants to expand their investments in the city for expansion. The far the church owns at least half a billion dollars in real estate in Clearwater and they are looking for more opportunities. Here is what The Daily Mail reported about the property owned by the church in Clearwater.

  1. The Oak Cove Scientology Center. Lower level services including ‘auditing’ and ‘case cracking’. Real estate value: $4,483,100
  2. The Fort Harrison Housing for visiting Scientology members with 220 rooms and suites, the Crystal Ballroom, Flag Auditorium and Convention Center. Real estate value: $13,137,700
  3. The Sandcastle Home of the Flag Advanced Org. Real estate value: $5,896,600
  4. The Osceola Inn Accommodation for visiting Scientologists with 76 rooms and suites. Real estate value: $6,000,000
  5. The Coachman Five stories of Standard Tech course rooms and the largest Scientology library in the world. Real estate value: $3,700,000
  6. Super Powers Building Scientology HQ and the home of advanced Church courses. Real estate value: Over $30,000,000
  7. Former Clearwater Bank Building New Church administration offices and staff dining. Real estate value: $2,038,400
  8. Station Square Exclusive 146-unit condominium with pool. Real estate value: $20,000,000
  9. Parking area Three-level parking and bus garage for Scientology coaches. Real estate value: $3,500,000
  10. Clearwater Academy Exclusive school for Sea Org members’ children. Real estate value: $5,000,000
  11. Further Church Real Estate One of more than 50 buildings own by the Scientology Church in Clearwater. Real estate value: $50,000,000 plus.

Look for the both the church and the city to continue talk about expansion.



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