Why Emma Watson is Perfect for New Disney Role

Belle Character In New Beauty And The Beast Portrays Watson’s Personality

When you think of Emma Watson, you think of Hermione from Harry Potter.

After the release of the new Disney feature presentation of Beauty and the Beast in 2017, Watson will be forgotten as a curly haired witch and be idolized as Belle, the princess in the yellow dress.

Disney, being one of the biggest multinational mass media corporations in the world, has made countless successful feature films depicting their famed princesses in a fairy tale story. Their most recent, Cinderella, has been a huge success but expect Beauty and the Beast to top that.

Having Watson star as the next Disney princess only adds excitement and viewership towards the anticipated, upcoming film.

Watson, who is already an international superstar, depicts all the characteristics Belle possesses in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast.

Here is why Watson is the perfect Belle…

1. She’s gorgeous and resembles Belle’s physical attributes. Both having straight brown hair and a button nose, their similarities are almost uncanny.

2. She’s extremely intelligent, just like Belle. Though she was exceptionally preoccupied with her filming of the Harry Potter series, Watson still managed to graduate from the Ivy league school of Brown University within five years.

3. Watson enjoys the same hobbies as Belle. Right off the bat, viewers of Beauty and the Beast could tell what type of girl Belle truly was when she invested her time in reading as many books as she could. Watson is also an avid reader and painter, finding productive activities to do in her spare time.

4. Both are not interested in fame and glory (although both do achieve this). Belle repeatedly shuts down villain Gaston, the most popular, strongest, good looking man in town. She turns down what most woman wanted in the movie, which was physical attraction, instead falling in love with inner beauty, the Beast. Watson’s heart is also captured by inner beauty, where she is not interested in pairing up with another superstar but has shown, with past boyfriends, that she is more attracted to a kind personality.

5. Belle and Watson are feminists. Belle believes in gender equality where she constantly has to deal with a masculine french town, cat calls, offensive patronizing, and yet showed defiance through her strong attitude against sexism. Watson, ambassador of the UN Women Goodwill, launched the UN Women campaign HeForShe, to get men to advocate gender equality.