What is With Hillary Clinton’s Alien Obsession?

WASHINGTON – Why is Hillary Clinton so obsessed with Area 51? She keeps repeating a pledge to open up the Area 51 files to expose as much as possible of what is hidden there. She promised in January that she would  “get to the bottom of” Area 51 should she be elected. Has she been listening to too many old episodes of the Art Bell show?

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Hillary is a master of looking like she’s doing something. She’s taking credit for laws that raise the minimum wage when she had nothing to do with them.  She’s pledging to reign in Wall Street, an industry that she’s on the payroll of. It’s not surprising that she would pledge to open the Area 51 files, especially if she knows through her husband’s access that there’s nothing there.
But what kind of demographic appeal could this have? Is Hillary Clinton trying to win over Alex Jones listeners. In an election that’s as close as this one is bound to be, the nut-job conspiracy theorists might just put her over the top…


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