Weiland Countersuing Against His Former Bandmates

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scott Weiland is countersuing his former band mates in Stone Temple Pilots, claiming they had no right to expel him from the group.

The singer filed his countersuit Friday, one week after his former band mates asked a judge to order him to stop using the name Stone Temple Pilots or the group’s music.

Weiland’s lawsuit claims the band lacks the right to expel him and a judge should block them from performing with new frontman Chester Bennington.

The band claims Weiland isn’t entitled to call himself a former member of the group and was using its songs without proper permission. They cited him being late to concerts as one reason for his ouster.

The band’s attorney, Skip Miller, says Weiland is wrong and the group is moving forward without him.

Source: Associated Press