‘Star Wars’ Fans Rejoice Over New Title


Reasons To Get Excited For Star Wars VII


“May the force be with you,” as Star Wars fans rejoice over the news of the official title of episode VII- Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be excited over the release.

5. The film is schedule for a release on December 18th, 2015. Meaning, this is a little over a year away. Since now the 2014 Halloween season is over, this is the perfect time to purchase your favorite character costume for the film. My advice is use the Internet and research for the best costume prices now and get ahead of the game. Let’s face it, what Star Wars fan is going to show up without a costume?


4. The film is unlikely to have the least liked character of the series, Jar Jar Binks. Enough said.


3. The return of the original actors such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill. Despite Ford breaking his leg on set a few months ago, the film is in the process of wrapping up filming and had the wrap party this past weekend.


2.  Creator George Lucas left the DGA (Director’s Guild of America) and paid a fee in order to have his own title sequence when creating A New Hope.

star wars

1.  This video of these two cats who are playing with light sabers.

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