Top 10 Pixar Movies Of All Time

pixar_20131. Monsters, Inc.inhabits the intersection of childhood mystery and adult responsibility, exploring the tension between dreams and reality that defines the greatest stories for children


2.Finding Nemo — Wall-E director Andrew Stanton’s last Pixar movie, and the company’s biggest hit — is an enduring classic, one of the best stories of fathers and sons ever filmed


3. Toy Story 2 takes a question that no one’s ever really thought about — what would it be like to be a toy, and to find out you’ve been mass-produced?


3. Ratatouille — like its rodent-chef hero — earns its acclaim through a combination of God-given genius (in the form of Brad Bird) and endless hard work

toy story_2013


4. Toy Story supplies laughs, wonderment, and adventure in equal doses — plus the scariest villain in Pixar history, psychopathic next-door neighbor Sid.


5.A Bug’s Life has one of the most straightforward (or, if you prefer, simplistic) plots of all Pixar movies: A misfit goes on a journey, then returns home to protect his people


movie_20136. The Incredibles is undeniably entertaining, and perhaps the most visually wonderful of all the Pixar movies


7. Cars never once gives the non-9-year-old-male that sense of effortless wonder that’s usually the hallmark of the Pixar experience.


8. Most children agreed that Up is “funny.”


9. In Brave, Instead of allowing the princess to really become her own person, saddles her with a burdensome buddy movie scenario wherein her mother Emma Thompson is accidentally turned into a bear.



10. In Walle, a small waste collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind.


Source: Vulture, IMDB