TomorrowWorld Music Festival Deemed A Success

music_2013Electronic music festival, TomorrowWorld, made its American debut in late September in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Usually held in Belgium (and called TomorrowLand), the festival boasted 140,000 attendees and featured 300 DJ’s including Tiësto, David Guetta, and Afrojack. Setting itself apart from other festivals of its kind, TomorrowWorld only allowed ages 21 and up into the 3-day festival. The website also states a zero-tolerance policy for drugs.
Kat McGovern, is a student at the University of Central Florida and attended the TomorrowWorld festival. It had always been a dream of hers to attend TomorrowLand in Belgium, but she could never afford the trip. Finding out that it was now happening only 6 hours away was a dream come true.

“I knew that they were importing some of the stages that were used in the 2012 TomorrowLand which was really exciting,” she said “But honestly we were going in blind especially because I have never camped at a festival. It was really exciting knowing we were the first people to live this experience and that we would set the bar for all the TomorrowWorlds to come.”

Attendees had to park their cars outside the boundaries of the festival and bring everything they needed into the area. Kat says they did it to help cut out the outside world and retain the natural feel of the festival. She also says that the daily routine was different from any other festival she’d attended.

“There was free water and “refresh stations” which had porta potties and sinks with mirrors so people could literally freshen up,” she said “Day to day, you’d sleep until your tent was too hot then hang out with your neighbors. Then once the music ended each night, people partied in the campsites until the sun came up.”

Kat’s favorite aspect of the festival was the diversity of people she got to meet from all around the world along with the atmosphere and attitudes of the people at the festival.

“There were 32,000 people camping and everyone you met was your new best friend. P.L.U.R. is a big thing the rave scene is about: Peace Love Unity Respect. Sometimes it’s hard to come by, but it was in the air everywhere in TomorrowWorld.”