Ted Cruz Has No Answer for Gay Republican

NEW YORK – On an ABC news Townhall event on “Good Morning America” Ted Cruz came face to face with his own political hypocrisy. He was asked By a Gay man how Cruz would protect him and his husband if he became president. Cruz gave a discursive non-answer.

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The problem here is that Ted Cruz claims to be a lover of liberty, but in reality is a lover of liberty for some, but not for others. He’s fine with liberty for superrich campaign contributors. He’s fine when it comes to liberty for right wing nut job gun fanatic’s. He’s fine with liberty for evangelical Christians. But he’s not fine with liberty for gay people who want to get married.

Given how much Ted Cruz has spent talking about family values, this should be a shocker. But it isn’t. But kind of family values that Ted Cruz represents is a very specific kind of family values. It doesn’t apply if your family doesn’t look the way he thinks it should.

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