Taylor Swift & Lorde Grab Lunch Together

Taylor_Swift_2013The Red singer was spotted visiting the Madison Square Park Shake Shack in New York City yesterday afternoon alongside 16-year-old singer-songwriter Lorde, E! News confirms.

An eyewitness shared a photo of the pair on Twitter, and tells us that the two stars “seemed like they had been friends for a long time,” adding, “They seemed so close, like they were roommates or school mates.”

The insider also tells E! News that T.Swift and Lorde, who each enjoyed a shake and some fries, “were giggling and talking to each other” while sitting on a park bench. Bodyguards patrolled the area during their lunch date, and when it came time to foot the bill, “Taylor looked to the bodyguards for money, and then the bodyguards pointed at Lorde who started digging money out of her pockets and paid.”

Source: Eonline