Survey: 25% of Young People Cool with Dating Robots

AMERICA – The future is here. According to a new survey, 25% of young people would be OK with dating robots. Maybe that’s because they become a robots themselves…

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The problem with young people today – and people of any age who have attach the totality of their social lives to technology – is that they don’t know the difference between real socialization and simulated socialization. The more that social media literally mediates our social activity, the less connection we have with other actual human beings. And that’s dangerous.

Human beings have evolved – sorry creationists – to interact with one another, to touch one another, and speak directly to each other. When in the course of a single generation you take human beings out of that cycle, all of humanity is threatened. Don’t let the profit margins on Facebook fool you. People need other people. Robots won’t fit the bill…

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