Storm Troopers May Get New Look In Star Wars Episode VII

The filming process is currently in hiatus due to an injury that Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) suffered on set. But when festivities pick up again, which is supposed to be soon, storm troopers and snow troopers may look different when we see Star Wars in theaters next.

JJ Abrams has taken drastic measures to make sure that the film comes out as best as possible, but as any film, they change over time.

That said, there are pictures that have surfaced that claim that the storm troopers, and snow troopers, are getting a makeover. First posted by Indie Revolver, they appear to be backed up by some support.

They were tweeted out last night by the 501st Legion.

Indie Revolover says that they are going back to some of the original concept art in the new design. These images were also shown at the Star Wars Weekends in Hollywood Studios in Orlando.