Social Media Reacts To The #OscarsFail Last Night

Steve Harvey Is Off The Hook, #OscarsFail Continues To Trend

For many that went to bed before the Oscars concluded, social media was still booming with reminders this morning of what happened at the conclusion of the 89th Academy Awards last night.

In fact, Steve Harvey was probably over the moon during the Oscars blunder announcing the last award, and probably the most anticipated award of the night: Best Picture. When La La Land took the stage to accept the Oscar for Best Picture no one had any idea that social media was about to erupt in a frenzy that is sure to last a couple of weeks.

This morning on Twitter the hashtag #OscarsFail was trending and some funny memes were circulating the web. Of course, Steve Harvey seemed to be the most popular meme and GIF.

Even Steve Harvey and Miss Universe made light of the situation.

Sports fans even referenced the Patriots’ “deflategate” scandal using the hashtag #Envelopegate in their tweets. And while that was a funny laugh, perhaps the political references and jokes got a few more laughs.

But it’s all good fun and it’s sure to continue for a few days. On the bright side, at least The Academy’s Twitter page announced the right winner.