Schieffer: Everything Once Illegal in DC is Legal

WASHINGTON – Former of moderator for Face the Nation Bob Schieffer discusses his time as a journalist, America’s fading super power status, conversations with Walter Cronkite and Washington being overwhelmed with money.

Schieffer on whether or not Washington is corrupt, “Its not corruption. Its just the way the system has been overwhelmed by money. In 1975, it seems like 32 people or companies that had been indicted for campaign violations. All of the things that those people went to jail for, with exception to Watergate, is now legal.”

Money is powerful and lobbying groups have Washington in its grips. Schieffer says of DC “The shining city on the hill is now the city that nothing works anymore.”

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“I prefer to be a superpower.” Schieffer states when asked about America’s fading superpower status. “We always say that every election is the most important election but this time I do believe it to be true.” Schieffer states.

Schieffer will be honored at The Poynter Institute’s Inaugural Bowtie Ball where he will receive the lifetime achievement award. For more click here.

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