Rum Review: A New Lady in Texas

By: Taylor Walton

Rum is for relaxing. It reminds you of a warm sunny day someplace nice. Maybe there is some water nearby. A beach even. You know a vacation, remember when we used to take those before 2020? We will soon again, and Dona Sofia mocha rum will get you there fast and will debut next year in Texas.

The inspiration for this unique liquor comes from the anything-goes cocktail parties of early 20th century Barcelona. In that wonderful Catalan city at the turn of the 20th-century artists from Dali to Gaudi rub, shoulders and philosophers debated the issue of the time over a drink in the cities many cafes. Legendary Catalan hostess Dona Sofia held epic cocktail parties where those thinkers became drinkers. The new line will feature a classic rum and cocktail in a ready to drink beverage. Legend or not it is cool to see a rum brand that isn’t seeking to wallow in some sort of aged 19th century imperialist with a cigar motif that so many rums seem to be going for.

That vibe might turn some people off Rum all together. Don’t worry, Doña Sofia has got your back. If Rum isn’t your thing, they offer a Vodka Lime drink as well as a Gin and Tonic version – if the whole “Ginnissance” thing is your vibe. All of the beverages are hand made with fresh and therefore natural ingredients. The cans are warm and fun with a style that is evocative of the mood of Barcelona ( or Barcelona as they say) of an era gone by. The Barcelona chair was invented in this period, and the beverage evokes that mix of relaxed, classy and casual.

Rum is most closely associated with the Caribbean but, the distillery at the heart of the Doña Sofia is thousands of miles away from those tropical waters to the east coast of Scotland. The seas are cold in Scotland but, the whiskey and warms you up quick. Doña Sofia rum is brewed in a small town called Arbroath. Lewis Scothern, an award-winning Gin distiller, who created some of Scotland’s most well-known and beloved Gin brands in recent years, helped guide the conceptualization and indeed creation of Doña Sofia.

Back to the Rum whose unique flavor is clearly mocha with hints of caramel for a slightly vanila finish that isn’t too dry. The color comes from the use of Vanilla pods a spiced rum giving it the natural amber colour but, also a distinctive aroma that makes it perfect for the holiday season. Its also a great addition to a weekend morning coffee as the mocha flavors combine well with your favored caffeinated beverage to help kick start a memorable weekend.

Taylor Walton is a news writer in California