RoboCop Official Trailer Released

He’s part man, part machine and all remake.

The trailer for the long-delayed RoboCop reboot has finally hit the web and by the looks of it, MGM and Columbia’s 2014 version is taking its cues right out of the Christopher Nolan playbook.
E! News runs down the five biggest differences between the new, José Padilha-directed RoboCop—as seen here—versus Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci fi pulp classic.[youtube_sc url=”″]

By putting an up-and-coming star into the main role, surrounding him with an all-star cast of acclaimed character actors and shooting for an expected PG-13 rating, Padilha apparently hopes to replicate the massive critical and commercial success Nolan earned with his Dark Knight trilogy. While that may win the franchise a wider, more family-friendly audience, a watered-down, less bloody RoboCop runs the risk of alienating the diehards that found the Rated-R original such a guilty pleasure and made it a box office hit. Already, Netizens are slamming the reboot as an uninspired Hollywood retread and it will be up to the Brazilian filmmaker best known for the foreign documentary Bus 174 to prove them wrong.