Review: AMC’s The Walking Dead “Us” 8 out of 10 zombies


Would you walk through a dark tunnel full zombies to find the one you love? Glenn is such an idiot, you can’t save Maggie if you’re dead!

After the ‘Of Mice and Men’ episode last week it was going to be really hard to create a more emotional episode. Also, there are two options for the second to last episode of a season; the calm before the storm or the climax of the season. “Us” felt more like the ‘calm before the storm’ and the previews for the season finale support that a climatic standoff will be had at Terminus.

The writing in “Us” was rather formulaic but there were several plot threads that had to be resolved before the last episode of the season. As generic as the writing was in the episode I did smile when Glenn and Maggie were finally reunited. The more interesting plot point lays with Daryl’s group and what happened to Beth. If you’ve learned anything from this episode you will be claiming everything this week. The aspect of how each person reacts and adapts to the zombie apocalypse on the Walking Dead is what is the most intriguing to me. Daryl has yet to waiver on his allegiance to Rick but if Beth is dead all bets are off.

It will be interesting to see what the conflict will be during the show’s time at Terminus. I have said this before and I will say it again, Terminus is a horrible name for sanctuary.

Overall the episode worked to move the plot along but it will be really tough to top the midseason finale ”Too Far Gone” and last week’s episode ”The Grove.”

I give ”Us” 8 out of 10 zombies.