Reporter Embarrassed Himself To Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader’s Awkward Interview

If there are any celebrities out there who can handle an awkward interview, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are a perfect for the task. Wiig and Hader are currently promoting their new film, The Skeleton Twins (currently in theaters). E! Online said the interview was conducted by  Chris Parente, who hosts a show called Daybreak on a local news station in Denver.

The interview began with the softball question asking for the actors to explain what The Skeleton Twins premise is. Though it did not take long until the interview’s awkward questioning, answering, and laughter began.  Wiig was asked, “Kristen, I am thinking, on this program, doing the news completely full-frontal, completely nude. Do you recommend that? Do you have advice for going nude?”

Awkward! Parente was soon corrected by Wiig and said, “Not this film. That’s a different movie.” Hader decided to chime in and add (jokingly) “I’m nude in this film and I’m upside down the whole film. The movie takes place on mars.” We hear Hader  and Wiig’s  laughter continue as Parente still tries to conduct the interview, but continues to spew out information from the wrong film (Kristen Wiig’s other film, Welcome to Me).

Thankfully, Wiig and Hader have great senses of humor and continue to laugh and point out that Chris Parente had clearly not seen the film. Hader says, “Chris this is live. Everybody in Denver is going, “what movie do we go see?” He continues,  ” The movie you want to go see is The Skeleton Twins.”

The Skeleton Twins is currently playing in theaters. Watch the clip below for the full awkward interview.