Report: ‘Captain America 3’ With Robert Downey Jr. Set For May 2016

Captain America 3

We may get to see Robert Downey Jr. play one of his fan’s most beloved Marvel roles as he dons the Iron Man suit once again.

According to Variety, Downey Jr. could appear in “Captain America 3”, which is set for a May 6, 2016 release. He is said to be in final negotiations with Marvel for the movie.

His Tony Stark character is already expected to appear this summer in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and again in “The Avengers 3.” In “Captain America 3” we will see Iron Man go up against Captain America in the Civil War story line from the Marvel comics.

In the new release, the government passes a super hero registration act, which requires anyone with special powers to reveal themselves and help with law enforcement, Variety says.

Iron Man is all for it while Captain America doesn’t want to reveal himself, as he sees it a threat to civil liberties, and joins the underground.

If Downey goes through with the new movie, he’ll earn $40 million and a share of the box office money for his time on screen.

He has already done spectacular in the other Iron Man movies he’s appeared in. They’ve earned $2.4 billion worldwide.