Remembrance Of Comedy’s Great Bernie Sahlins

CHICAGO (AP) — Second City fans and alumni are remembering Bernie Sahlins, who co-founded the Chicago comedy club more than a half-century ago.

Sahlins was known for his eye for hiring comedians who would go on to stardom. Among them were John Belushi, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Joan Rivers.

Sahlins died Sunday at age 90. On Monday, comedian Robert Klein said Sahlins was “absolutely crucial” in Second City’s formative years. Sahlins hired Klein in 1965 and the actor and comedian went on to star in television series and in movies.

Colleagues also remembered Sahlins as an intellectual who graduated from the University of Chicago and brought those edgy smarts with him to The Second City. It later became known as a training ground for comedians headed to star on “Saturday Night Live.”

Source: Associated Press