Protesters Want Donald Trump Off SNL

NEW YORK CITY – Protesters have collected over 370,000 signatures to get NBC to #DumpTrump and cancel his hosting appearance on SNL.

If you don’t like him then don’t watch SNL. Trying to bully NBC into cancelling his appearance because you disagree with his standpoint goes against the spirit of the constitution and the first amendment.

Do you have any idea about how suffocating this egotism is?

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The social media protestor has to be the laziest protestor of all time. It is the new social democracy. They hide behind fake handles, aliases, as they realize that they will never be held accountable in the sense of defending there viewpoints.

Social media “movements” never effect real change. There has been no hashtag that has passed a law. Its an arena where people can actively engage with like minded individuals and go unchallenged. It never results in the critical mass that will affect or impact that change.

Lazy organization, tweeting instead of standing on street corners. Hash tagging, instead of marching.

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You don’t agree with what he says therefore no one can hear what he has to say? Who the hell are you to make that decision? Suffocating egotism.

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