Prince William Asks His Former Nanny To Watch Prince George

Prince William has asked his former nanny to come out of retirement at the age of 71 to care for baby George.

He and Kate have approached Jessie Webb to be their 20-day-old son’s first charge – even though Princess Diana ended up sacking the no-nonsense East London-born carer.

Jessie is regarded by royal aides as a trusted pair of hands who protected the young William and Harry when their parents were going through a traumatic divorce.

When Wills was a vulnerable and bewildered boy witnessing screaming matches between Charles and Diana, Jessie often found herself scooping up the lad so he wouldn’t have to see his mother sob uncontrollably.

The retired nanny is said to be sorely tempted to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although concerned about having full-time duties again.

But, with no children of her own and never having married, she adored her royal charges and never lost touch.

And she is anxious to help William as he was always a favourite of hers.