Pope Francis Lands in Washington

WASHINGTON – Pope Francis begins historic visit in Washington.

The most liberal Pope of all time will smile at the cameras and have multiple photo-ops with lawmakers but the conversations behind closed doors will be the ones of note.

What will Washington introduce in the upcoming months that can be linked to conversations with the Pope?

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Pope Francis is spending 6 days in Washington, DC after spending a couple days in Cuba. Washington is hyper sensitive to image and the fact that Pope Francis went to Cuba to meet and talking with Fidel Castro before Obama is embarrassing.

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President Obama was tardy to meet Pope Francis on his “historic” visit to Washington. The Pope’s flight was forced to do a couple donuts over North Carolina. Was it political payback for visiting Castro first?

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Pope Francis is constantly discussing the idea of redistribution of wealth and yet the Catholic Church announced that they found a bank account with millions of euros in it. They had forgotten it existed.

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