Pokemon Go Turned Fitness Regimen, Work Off Halloween Candy

Pokemon Go Offers A Way TO Work Off Halloween Sugar Highs

Pokemon Go has been in popular demand ever since launching in July 2016. It is a free to play, location-based augmented reality game that had fans going on adventures all over the world.

Now Pokemon Go is stepping it up. With Halloween less than a week away the reality game has turned into a stealth fitness regimen with a few Halloween treats in hopes to lure fans out and about in the lead up to All Hallow’s Eve.

Pokemon Go will begin dishing out twice the Candy rewards from catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon from Wednesday, October 26 to Tuesday, November 1. Don’t forget your Buddy Pokemon as well, players will earn Candy four times as fast with their Buddy.

But to get fans really in the Halloween spirit and eager to play, more Pokemon with creepy names, like Haunter, a predatory battler that lurks in dark places, will be waiting to pounce.

If Niantic’s idea of spooky means more Ghost type Pokemon could be on the prowl. The Pokemon Bulbapedia (an unofficial wiki for the series) has a nice list of full, half and secondary Ghost type Pokemon.

Over the weekend the game got a fresh update that adds new egg features (egg patterns now vary depending on the distance necessary to hatch them), Pokemon type icons added to each critters’ info screen and a low battery indicator for the optional Bluetooth-based Pokemon Go Plus accessory.

The Pokemon Go spooky Halloween update got a lot of attention on social media as well. Fans took to Twitter to share the news of the update, eager to get playing.