Please Don’t Be Florida – April 26

Another installment of our favorite game

An argument over a casserole being burned sounds like the premise to a television show from a bygone era, but in today’s installment of Please Don’t Be Florida, it takes a modern and dark turn.  News reader Kurt Shriner brings us the story, and it’s up to Chris Ingram, producer Blake Bass, and board operator Todd to figure out whether it happened in the Sunshine State or, mercifully, somewhere else.

As always, Shriner lays out the story with all the locations removed.  Hints within the story might suggest where it took place, but those hints can often deceive us as we let our biases get in the way.

Weird news can happen anywhere in the world, after all, and “Florida Man” is not the only source of strange stories.  Sit back, relax, and take on the panel in this edition of Please Don’t Be Florida.

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