Official Trailer for Calvin & Hobbes Doc DEAR MR. WATTERSON

Source: Joey Paur, Geek Tyrant

Calvin & Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever written. I grew up reading it, and to this day, it makes me laugh. Not only was it a great a funny comic, but it also had messages and life lessons that we can all learn from.

Today we bring you an official trailer for a documentary that centers on the strip. It comes from first time filmmaker Joel Allen Schroeder, and it’s called Dear Mr. Watterson. The doc chronicles the impact that the comic strip created by author and illustrator Bill Watterson had on the world. It features interviews with several famous illustrators, actors, and other fans about the role these characters played in their lives.

DEAR MR. WATTERSON gets a limited theatrical and VOD release starting on November 15th.