Musician Jake Heggie Turns 9/11 Sorrow Into Beautiful Music

The idea sounds morbid in a way. But composers and musicians have been using the most trying times for musical inspiration. For instance, Hans Zimmer composed a hauntingly beautiful piece last year entitled “Aurora,” as a tribute to the victims and family members effected by the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. It was his way of expressing his sorrow, and it truly was a beautiful tribute to the victims of this tragedy.

Jake Heggie is breaking new ground with his album. In his new album titled, “here/after (songs of lost voices)” he is expressing the stories of 9/11 survivors in song. There is no better tribute. Music has a way of breaking barriers that few other outlets can.

With the help of singers Nathan Gunn and Talise Trevigne, Heggie, a composer and pianist, will tell the stories of 9/11 survivors from across the country. Rescuer workers, surviving family members, and others connected to the tragedy all have a story to tell.

Heggie says the album is meant to “create a sense of hope and newness that can come from the grief. Otherwise, the people who did it win.”

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Source: The Brenner Brief