Mason: Hillary Should be In Jail, Trump Not Presidential

NEW YORK CITY – Legendary comedian forgets about being politically correct as he weighs in on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner.

“What Jenner did was no trick. What he did you could go to any doctor and you could do the same thing. I don’t see whats so fascinating about it.” Mason says. “He’s not busy. He’s not working. So, maybe, he’ll try another thing, maybe the next thing you know he’ll become a horse.”

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“Could you picture in a country like this, with 300 million people, the most popular person is a yenta like this? Who’s accomplished nothing in her life, and is a person who watches a person get killed (in Benghazi) and enjoyed it.” Mason says referring to Hillary. “If there was no such thing as Democrat or Republican, in the court of law, she would be in jail.”

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