Marvel Has A ‘Strange’ Winner With Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange Hits All The Right Spots After Civil War

The coolest thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how everything ties in together. The other cool thing is how Marvel has found that perfect recipe for success when it comes to superhero movies now (sorry DC, you tried).

Now, many may think that I am referring to the quirky jokes or the way that Marvel doesn’t try and take itself seriously—well they sort of don’t take it seriously. No, Marvel has found a way to take these superhero stories and make them personal.

Dr. Strange happens to be a complete package that gives you the superhero vibe but tells a story of personal growth of one Dr. Steven Strange. The plot of this story may focus on Strange’s “awakening” into the mystic arts but it also shows the transformation of a man who is able to be beyond himself. Marvel has done this before with the reluctant hero see Ant-Man and Paul Ruud or how Thor had to humble himself before finding redemption.


Steven Strange comes off as a cocky, arrogant doctor who will only save a life, as a neurosurgeon, if it presents enough of a challenge. However, tragedy strikes and Strange goes on a ‘strange’ journey where he has to find himself and his place in this world. Benedict Cumberbatch was a perfect fit for this role as he brought off the perfect arrogance and pitiful makeup throughout the film. As Strange’s journey into a self-aware magician in the mystic arts, Cumberbatch nails each change and provides an extensive bit of acting range.

While avoiding spoilers, here’s what you need to know, the plot isn’t a handicap in the sense that it moves along fairly quickly and it’s easy to follow. The audience isn’t left guessing what’s going on with Strange or what each character is on screen for—plus there are a lot of humorous and emotional moments.


As for the special effects, we took in the film with 3D, which is recommended, unless you think you might get sick. With all of the mystic arts and magic being used, there was bound to be some interesting things to happen. Dr. Strange doesn’t use 3D for the sake of being a 3D movie for the coin, yeah I’m onto you for the waste of money 3D has become. 3D here not only enhances the movie but it also makes a lot of sense for Dr. Strange. It gives a better experience for the viewer, in my opinion.

Now, back to the plot.

Strange goes through this journey and it definitely ties into what Marvel is trying to accomplish with the Infinity War movie on the horizon. However, one thing that probably isn’t getting talked about is that it served as a palate cleanser. It was nice to sit back and enjoy a movie without the bloatedness of the Avengers. The focus was clear, and it was also nice to enjoy a film that took your mind off of Daddy and Daddy fighting, which is where the Cinematic Universe left us with Captain America: Civil War. It took our minds off the awkward family feud and told a great story.

At this point, Marvel is printing it’s own money but at least they aren’t really phoning it in for their individual movies. Dr. Strange has a lot of great moments and it’s definitely a great film to check out.

Dr. Strange comes out November 5th

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