Marta Dusseldorp Talks About Season Six Of A Place To Call Home

Dusseldorp promises plenty of fun things for the fans of Acorn TV’s hit series A Place To Call Home final season.

This week’s edition of Stream ON, I spoke to actress Marta Dusseldorp from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She talked with me about the sixth and final season on the Acorn TV hit series A Place To Call Home where she plays the always feisty character, Sarah Adams.

For those who have not yet seen the show, it focuses on Marta’s character Sarah Adams, in a great period drama set in the early 1950s. Sara is a down-to-earth nurse whose no-nonsense manners make her instantly likable.

Despite her friendly ways and easy demeanor, Nurse Adams has a few secrets: namely, that she’s Jewish and was once a prisoner of war in a Nazi concentration camp. It turns out that the folks of New South Wales, where she’s returned to live and work after spending time in Europe, aren’t fans of outspoken, independent women who happen to identify as a Jew.

But that is only one a number of very interesting plot twists in this intelligent family saga, well acted, well written, well-directed show that is perfect for those who have been searching for the past couple of years for a replacement to Downton Abbey.

For those of us who have long enjoyed  A Place To Call Home, it is easy to see why the show has a fan base that spans 120 countries worldwide.

I can’t recommend this show enough it is a wonderful period piece and for those many fans looking forward to season six, I can tell you that Dusseldorp says you will not be disappointed.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation about A Place To Call Home.


Jim Williams – It must be bittersweet to have to say goodbye to the gang at A Place To Call Home?

Marta Dusseldorp – On the day we shot the final show it was like the last day of high school. We were all very sad it was over and it was quite emotional. But we have been like a family for six years and we will keep in touch. I have made a new group of lifelong friends.

Williams – Your character Sarah has gone through a great deal over the past six years. What have you learned from playing her over the years?

Dusseldorp – Wow have I learned a great deal from playing Sara. She is so strong, determined and very much ahead of her time. The writers have given her so many wonderful issues to tackle from the Holocaust, racial equality and sexual assault, she has really challenged me to be a better actor and that is all anyone could want.

Williams – You also star in two other series on Acorn TV. Jack Irish and Janet King. They are two very different shows.

Dusseldorp – Yes I play Linda Hillier a journalist and love interest in Jack Irish. Linda is a really fearless journalist who more often not finds that her getting into trouble. Then of course Janet King, is a real crusader. So, I am blessed to have played Sara, Janet and Linda, all very different and very interesting women.
Be sure to watch the sixth and final season of A Place to Call Home, as well as, Jack Irish and Janet King all on ACORN TV.


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