Marilyn Manson Leaks Pictures of Sons Of Anarchy

Marilyn Manson has been pretty busy lately. He just got back from a tour in Russia where a few shows got cancelled due to religious extremists, and how he’s continuing to guest star in the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy in which he is playing a character named Ron Tully, a white supremacist who is known as a “shot caller.”

A bunch of the actors on set were excited to see Manson in their television series and posed for pictures when he first arrived.

So now it looks like we’re getting to the good stuff. Manson tweeted some captions and pictures earlier today of what seems to be the scenes they’re shooting now.

He also posted some pictures on Instagram with the captions “Someone is gonna be someone else’s ***** in this scenario. That’s what I was told. Charlie strikes me as a power bottom.” and “Stare down contest. Soap. Jax on. Jax off. It’s a gift from god to get a day job playing a felon. Rather than the opposite.”

Manson isn’t the only 90’s shock rocker to be cast by the show. His former touring mate Courtney Love has been cast as a school teacher…of all things.