Malin Akerman: “I Was 16 And He Was 28”

Malin_Akerman_2013Because she’s a married working mom, the similarities between Malin Akerman and her Trophy Wife alter ego may not be immediately evident. The actress and her character do, however, share a taste in mature men.

“Your husband on the show is a lot older than you,” Chelsea Handler said on the Monday, Oct. 7, episode of Chelsea Lately. “Have you had sex with a lot of older men? Like really old?”

“Not really old,” Akerman, 35, laughed. “Let’s not go Viagra, geriatric.”

Handler then inquired about the biggest age difference Akerman has ever had with a lover.

Akerman relented and revealed some information about one of her past loves. “I was 16 and he was 28,” she shared.

Handler, who was in a similar May-December romance as a teen, was shocked. “That’s a big age difference,” she said. “That’s illegal!”

Source: E! News