Lorne Michaels Discusses Weekend Update Change Up

Lorne Michael Changes Weekend Update

Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of NBC’s, Saturday Night Live recently revealed a change up on the Weekend Update segment. Many SNL fans were shocked to hear that Lorne decided to pull Cecily Strong from the desk and put in comedian Michael Che. The Wrap reports Lorne Michael’s reasoning behind the switch, “It struggled to find an identity last season.  Because what had come before had been pretty brilliant.” The article also states that Michaels believes Cecily is one of the stronger players and supposedly she had requested to be placed in more sketches. The Weekend Update segment went through many changes last year which included the departure of Seth Meyers and the introduction of Colin Jost. After many test combinations, the new pairing of Colin Jost and Michael Che seemed fitting to Michaels. The two will be making SNL history as the first two men anchors on Weekend Update.

Many fans of the show were upset with the decision due to the liking of Strong on Update and not so much love for Jost.

The new season of SNL begins tomorrow night, with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande on NBC, at 11:29pm ET.