Lohan Released From Orient Jail

Michael Lohan was released from the Orient Road Jail late Wednesday night after changing his plea from “not guilty” to “no contest” at a bond hearing earlier in the day.

Lohan spoke to the media as he left saying he has learned a great lesson from this and he is ready to get his life back on track by working with Teen Challenge and getting back to the ministry and charity work.

“You know, maybe, I fell on my head and not on my feet when I jumped out of the window, because I see things a lot differently, a lot differently,” Lohan said.

Lohan is ordered to 24 months probation and to have no contact with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Major.

Next for Lohan is a stint at a residential program in Fort Myers called Team Challenge, which has a batterers program as well as a drug and alcohol program, to serve part of his probation.

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