Johnny Football Pops Bottles in Texas

Texas A&M college football phenom, Johnny Football, didn’t celebrate his Cotton Bowl victory like any other 20-year-old would; or at least admit to. Manziel hit up a nightclub in Dallas, both Friday and Saturday after leading the Aggies to a bowl championship. Keeping in mind Manziel is only 20-years of age, the quarterback didn’t hesitate to chug bottles of Dom Perignon while also posing for multiple pictures.

This should have raised a number of red flags, however the Lone Star State offers a major loophole for under age drinkers. It is legal for someone under 21 to drink in a bar as long as that individual is with a consenting parent. With the club owner denying Manziel opened a tab at the bar, he continued to claim the quarterback only used the bottle as a photo prop.

Unbelievably enough, this parent loophole isn’t just the norm in Texas. Underage drinking is also okay (with parental consent) in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana, New York and Ohio.