Joan Rivers Talks Amanda Bynes And Lohan

Joan Rivers loves a good train wreck when she sees one. And you know she can’t help but go off the rails on them.

In an exclusive interview, the Fashion Police maven, who celebrated her 80th birthday on June 8, shot the breeze with E! News about three glorious Tinseltown cautionary cases: Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and Amanda Bynes. And she was more than ready to deploy her wicked, acid-tongued wit.

Starting with Miss Bynes.

“Sad, because now they’re saying she’s schizophrenic,” Joan says about the beleaguered star, who was arrested last month for allegedly tossing a bong out her NYC apartment window.

Still, in Joan’s eyes, the Easy A actress can’t hold a candle to LiLo.

“I love the ones like Lindsay Lohan—they’re just crazy. That is so much fun.” Joan says. “But when they really tip over into serious, then you feel, ‘Let’s get her out of the spotlight and let’s get her in a straitjacket.'”